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  • IntervieweeIrene Klotz, Jim Erickson , Jim Roop, Ken Edgett, Leo Enright, Marcia Freeman, Shane Byrne, Shelby Cull, Sue Smrekar, Tariq Malik
  • InterviewerBill Harowitz, Bill Harwood, Charles Fishman, Jane Platt, John Johnson , Peter King


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This is a list of craters on Mars. Impact craters on Mars larger than 1 km exist by the hundreds of thousands, but only about one thousand of them have names. Names are assigned by the International Astronomical Union after petitioning by relevant scientists, and in general, only craters that have a significant research interest are given names. Martian craters are named after famous scientists and science fiction authors, or if less than 60 km in diameter, after towns on Earth. Craters cannot be. The surface of Mars is pocked by more than 635,000 impact craters at least 0. 6 miles 1 kilometer wide, a new study reports. Mars Surface Scarred by 635,000 Big Impact Craters. By Staff 15 June 2012. A new study records more than 635,000 impact craters at least 0. 6 miles 1 kilometer wide on Mars. In this image, each red dot represents one such crater. Image: Robbins and Hynek 2012American Geophysical Union. Details and scientific interpretation of these new impact craters and their use to examine subsurface ice at northern mid-latitudes on Mars are captured in a paper published this week in Science by Shane Byrne and 17 colleagues on teams operating the Contect Camera, High Resolution Imaging Science Experiment, and Compact Reconnaissance Imaging Spectrometer for Mars. This series of images spanning a period of 15 weeks shows a pair of fresh, middle-latitude craters on Mars in which some bright, bluish material apparent in the earliest images disappears by the later ones. Each panel is 75 meters 246 feet across. The Context Camera aboard NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter discovers new dark spots on Mars that, upon closer examination, turn out to be brand new impact. The Context Camera aboard NASA Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter discovers new dark spots on Mars that, upon closer examination, turn out to be brand new impact craters. NASA has spotted a new impact crater on the surface of Mars, and scientists have released an image of it showing some blue and purple. The impact exposed the darker material beneath the planet's characteristic reddish dust, according to the HiRISE Camera website that released the image. The blue could indicate water ice on Mars. Scientists have found more than 500 impact craters on the planet, Tamppari said. By studying these craters, they can learn about the impact cratering process, statistics of small craters and the frequency of impacts. We've been surprised by how dynamic Mars is, Tamppari said. We see active cratering going on all the time. A 3 minute introduction to my PhD work on impact cratering and what it can tells us about the past climate and habitability of Mars. This was filmed as is not required by any means, so please enjoy your stay. New Impact Craters on Mars. Started by gustymars , Apr 09 2010 08:37 AM. This topic has been archived. This is quite interesting in light of the 1994 impact of a comet on Jupiter. While no observer was there to see them, it is interesting never the less. Yo Carlos, remember July 16, 1994 . The morphology of craters on Mercury: Results from MESSENGER flybys, Icarus 219, pp. Hartmann, W. Discovery of multi-ring basins - Gestalt perception in planetary science, In: Merill, R. Schultz, P. Multi-ring Basins: Formation and Evolution, Pergamon Press, New York, NY, pp. Robbins, S. and B. Hynek A new global database of Mars impact craters geq1 km: 2. Global crater properties and regional variations of the simple-to-complex transition diameter, J. 117E6, E6001, doi:, 2012. Scientists have located an impact crater linked to powerful tsunamis that swept across part of ancient Mars. It's very hard to conceive of any other process other than a tsunami that could have emplaced these lobate deposits along the dichotomy boundary, Steve Clifford told BBC News. Scientists estimate that on Mars, there are more than 43,000 impact craters with diameters greater than 5 kilometers 3 miles. Yet, only about 120 impact craters have been identified on the surface of the Earth. So why don't we see a similar number of impact craters on both Earth and Mars For one thing, the Earth's surface is still geologically active. Because of ongoing volcanic eruptions and plate tectonics, many land

Various - New Impact Craters On Mars Album
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